That is a Wrap- 2017

Since I started this blog back in March, I have found a community of like minded people. The picture above is of two geese; one looking forward, the other looking back. I took it last February on a marshy area on the Fundy coast. It is a bit grainy but striking and I loved it.  I choose it because It represents this time of year. When we reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

I want to thank my 202 followers and the 3352 people that viewed my pages, the 1616 visitors and 657 of you that clicked the like button and left 294 comments of interest and encouragement, on my 35 post. Thank you and I look forward to the successes of next year.

Lobby art in Picaroons pub house
wall art in the Lobby in Picaroons pub house Fredericton

I went to many places in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, that I didn’t get to write about but I shared the best of what I believed, you would enjoy. The response has blown my expectations out of the water.  I have tried not to just report on travel locations as a what to see and what to do. But to entertain you with antidotes and bring out my character. Not everyone wants to hike to a bluff. However; if I can take you there with words; I have done my job.

Here where your top 10 favourites of 2017

10Summer Of The Beach This post was all about making the summer last. From the first toe dip in the cold ocean water in P.E.I to the last dunk on September 22nd.  Apparently, I am not the only beach lover.

9It All Started With Love  A trail of sculptures I followed all over New Brunswick.  It was a pure pleasure story made with love.

8You Traveled Alone? I was shaking off the winter blues with a timely traditional event and a great provincial attraction. Along with a message to follow your hearts desire.

7. 10 Things You Didn’t Know; Oromocto, NB looking at your home town with fresh eyes is like hiding a tree in the forest–but I found stuff.

6. The Fundy Trail Parkway, Is Not The Fundy National Park. I was overjoyed to find this gem.  My personal favourite day trip of 2017

5Westfield to Grand Bay, The Best Of There is so much to do and see in this area. I find I have to continuously go back .  I will be mentioning Westfield-Grand Bay in posts to come.

4. Walton Glen Gorge…….ous. The first part, of my three part, Sussex New Brunswick piece.  This was the most fun piece to do. My enthusiasm burned the words into this story.  I loved it and you did too.

3. How I Ended Up in Quispamsis. NB I have to admit, I was surprised at the views to this one.  I think it is the name of the town which is amusing and hard to say, or maybe the inside of the covered bridge photo that lured you or maybe the fright I got from the raccoon, but what ever the reason,  It was a fun place, glad you enjoyed it

2. Bridges To Cross, 2017 New Brunswick A monthly photo journeof physical bridges  and mental metaphors.

1. In Honour of Canada’s 150th

Published in June, I had worked on this story since the previous June in anticipation of Canada’s birthday Celebration. I never expected to get such attention and land on CBC morning news. I really enjoyed writing this it was fun. I saw a lot, learned even more.  Be warned it is a long read but I have been told it is entertaining.

Cheers to everyone. May you have a safe happy healthy New Years with the best year yet to come.  Maritime Mac

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    1. Great question. I do railways. I have ideas for McAdam railway, and Sackville Railway and I am intergrating the Trans Canada Trail, which is mostly following old railway lines. I will put it together soon. Thanks for the request. Happy New Year

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