Saturday’s Shot.

May 5th, 2018

Two things are going on in my world today; The ongoing flooding in New Brunswick which is getting monotonous, and the Kentucky Derby. Which I have been watching since 1984.  I have been to two Derbies,  in 1986 and again in 1987.  Theses are the two glasses I bought back then and a wonderful mint plant my sister gave me last fall, which will be wonderful for mint juleps. Cheers and happy travels from Maritime Mac

Fort Hughes, Oromocto, New Brunswick


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    1. Is it snowmelt, or snow melt coupled with the spring rains moving northeast from the States causing all the flooding?


    2. the Saint john River runs from northern part of the province right through to the south. As expected, the snow pack melts first in the south then the north. Northern NB received a lot of snow this winter more than normal. And our temperatures went from cold to hot so fast all the snow everywhere in the province has melted at the same time. That coupled with lots of rain, has caused he worst flooding in the province since 1973.

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    1. Oh you are missing out on a great sporting event. I loved my derby experiences and hope to go again some day. Tennessee is lovely I have traveled around it a far bit. Hope to get there again too.


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