Saturday’s Shot

The Look off in Canning, Nova Scotia.


22 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shot

    1. Hi, Kelly, glad for you as well. At the other end of the Annapolis Valley, there’s a similar lookoff vantage point just up toward Hampton Mountain above Bridgetown. It lacks the water view because it’s further inland than Canning but still quite nice. In the provincial park that’s a kilometer or two further up the mountain beyond that lookoff there’s a nice park bench that’s been put in a cutaway clearing that’s a restful spot to take it all in without dealing with roadside traffic. 🙂


    2. I took a day trip to Briar Island a month or so ago and still have some pics to post but am holding them for now. I hope your trip is wonderful!


  1. lovely picture of the countryside. I have never been out of London so it is nice to see what out of London looks like. lol 🙂


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