Northern lights, Iceland

I give a long exhale and slump back against the hard-backed dining table chair. Our waitress places a beer in front of me with a delicate knock against the wooden surface. “Oh thank you my dear” My eyes grow big with delight at the amber filled pint. “You are so welcome,” she says with a smile. One by one, she places everyone’s drinks, then says she’ll be back for our orders in a little bit then turns away. “Oh this is going to be so good” I reach for my glass giving it a symbolic lift and say, “Cheers, to a successful first day on Iceland.” Mary, who is sitting across the table from me, brings her glass towards mine and we clink mugs. Tracy and Monique follow suit in the salutation, touching their steins and then to ours.

The contemporary styled Kast guesthouse and attached restaurant is set in a peaceful rural community, butted up against a ring of mountains and a front yard of grazing livestock. We definitely feel like we are in Iceland.

Mary and Monique get the Arctic char, Tracy orders the lamb. I get the pasta dish with a side garden salad. When the beers are done Monique orders a gin and tonic, Mary follows suit and I look up at our waitress and say, “Why not?”

She giggles, squinting her eyes up. “Coming right up.” When she returns I ask her about her accent. “I’m from Romania.” She came to Iceland several years ago and now calls it home. “I love it here.” She says with conviction and I have no doubt as I am falling in love with the country too.

Our meals are excellent, the drinks are great and giggling infectious. When our waitress returns to ask if she can “…get you something else?” We dug in for the third round. Something I say sets her laughing, She says, “You guys are fun,” and I let her know we will be have cocktails back at our room. “When does your shift end?” I ask, “10 pm” she says .”We we’ll probably be up so stop by for a drink at our room when you are done.” She raises an eye brow and gives a little grin and a nod.

Completing our dinner we commit to gathering in the room I share with Mary in half an hour.

Our room is tiny. Scandinavian minimalism at its best with two double beds and two night stands. The closet is open-shelving with no door, the bathroom standard three piece. I want to take a shower but the window is hanging open, there is no screen and the bugs have filled the room. I try about eight times to heave the hatch door shut and latch it, but I can’t make it happen.It will be just like showering outdoors with the cold night air and bugs.

When I get my PJ’s on Mary hands me a drink she has prepared and Monique knocks on the door, She and Tracy come in for a visit. Mary plays bartender. With no chairs in the room, we all get up on the beds, feeling like a teenage sleep-over-party, we tell stories to each other of never-before-shared experiences, we laugh and cry and connect in a non-judging way.

Nearing 11 pm our waitress pounds on the door, “Northern lights! Northern lights!” We fling open the door and join her outside. “Look!,” She points her head tilted back and she twirls around staring up like it is her first time seeing them, then dashes off to knock on the other doors to bring more guest out to see these brilliant green wave of lights bucking and bending across the sky. They are so magical, I can’t image they would ever not stop a person in their tracks.

I struggle with my camera – I can’t see any image. I’m fiddling with my Iso, metering, aperture, nothing helps. Our waitress returns and helps Tracy set her iPhone setting to pro and she gets some great photos I give up and set my camera on auto and finally get something worth sharing. The girls start to get chilly and retire to their rooms. “Good night see you in morning,” they wave. I stay out laying on the wooden deck, watching the last of the aurora boreales dance until they are just a stream and fade to grey then disappear. There will be more adventures tomorrow, I think to myself. Then reluctantly get up and go in to bed.

Kast Guesthouse




No money was received for this post it is my own experience.

Please join us again on our journey around Iceland. Happy travels from Maritimemac


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  1. This was so fun to read, Kelly! I feel like I was there with you guys. I’ve seen those lights just once in Michigan many years ago, they are incredibly beautiful! And, sometimes you just have to switch to Auto. 👍🏻

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  2. So happy for you that you got the chance to experience the Northern Lights 😊 When I was there, we saw they were likely in the forecast and I set up my manual camera just in case! I was glad I did when they came out to play. Such a magical experience that I’m sure you’ll always remember fondly!

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    1. Im so thrilled to hear you got to see them also. I think it would be awful if a person went and didn’t see them I went to the Yukon for a week early 2000’s and I went out every night didn’t see them. Yet first night in Iceland they appeared. I hope in my life I will get to witness them again.

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  3. I’d love to see the Northern Lights. On my bucket list.
    “ Cheers to the freakin’ weekend
    I drink to that, yeah-e-yeah
    Oh, let the Jameson sink in
    I drink to that, yeah-e-yeah” —Rhianna

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