That is a Wrap- 2017

Since I started this blog back in March, I have found a community of like minded people. The picture above is of two geese; one looking forward, the other looking back. I took it last February on a marshy area on the Fundy coast. It is a bit grainy but striking and I loved it. ... Continue Reading →


It All Started With Love

Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings. I had checked out the tourist information office... Continue Reading →

East Coast Bucket List

The Bucket List has become a cliché, and a bucket is definitely not big enough to contain all of the places I want to go, and the experiences I wish to hold. So I have to add the Bowl list, and a few Jars Lists, which I can easily fill if I choose small enough... Continue Reading →

You Traveled Alone?

Planning trips and fulfilling my dreams is so second nature to me, that I never consider "alone" being part of the equation.  Inevitably, when I tell people that I went camping, hiking, drove to this place and saw that,  when out to dinner, out to the theater, took in a movie, did a photography class,... Continue Reading →

Make Any Drive A Road Trip.

If you have family or friends that you visit in another area several hours away from you. You may understand that I have come to dread the 5 hr drive from My home in the Fredericton Area of New Brunswick to my childhood home of West Bay Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia. I do this... Continue Reading →

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