Bridges To Cross, 2017 New Brunswick

"When one tugs at a single things in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world"-John Muir,  Written on the railing of a foot bridge on a trail, in Fundy National Park. Pictured above.3 min, look and read. I crossed a lot of bridges this year, physically and metaphorically.  This is [...]


The Fundy Trail Parkway, Is Not The Fundy National Park.

I have been to St Martin's beach in southern New Brunswick many times, it is a little over an hour from my home.  I, like everyone else, stop and take photos of the two covered bridges,  the lighthouse, and the fishing boats moored to the pier resting on the sea floor. Then continue on to [...]

Summer Of The Beach

Shoulder surgery has forced me to quash my adventurous side and come up with new ways to keep myself content and still feed my inner travel beast. I believe I have successfully done this by hunting out new beaches and visiting old favourites.  I have been rather successful judging from my tan.  Here are some [...]

Size Matters In New Brunswick

This is a photographic story to show you the general rule of thumb for honouring an industry, a species, or a historically significant event in New Brunswick. By building a Worlds Largest Monument ...Enjoy. Worlds Larges Axe in Nackawic, New Brunswick It represent the importance of the forestry industry to the area and the Province. [...]

In Honour of Canada’s 150th

  I had come back from a trip of a lifetime to Kenya in March 2016 that left a travel hangover bigger than my will. I needed a hair of the dog to aid my re-entry into New Brunswick life and to find a fitting way to celebrate Canada's 150th that was all mine. However, [...]