Reflection for December 24th, 2018

December 24th, 2017, marked the beginning of my fiftieth circle of the sun. I was reluctant to embrace 50. It was such a large number and it didn't match the spirit of the person I saw in the mirror. Just to be contrary I set out to prove 50 is the new 30 by drawing... Continue Reading →


An Active Volcano and an Interesting Bush… Hiking the PCT through Mt. Lassen National Park — Wandering through Time and Place

The Pacific Crest Trail wanders along the east side of Lassen National Park and provides limited views of the mountain. I took this photo from the PCT south of the park boundary. Section N of the PCT includes Mt. Lassen National Park. This series includes portions of the trail leading into and out of the […]... Continue Reading →

What a weekend

Six cyclists from the Outdoor Enthusiasts Fredericton Club biked around Sussex, New Brunswick, Saturday July 14th. We visited six covered bridges along 60 kilometers of beautiful countryside. Then on Sunday,  I went Tubing with seven co- workers on the Nashwaak river.  If you would like to know more about each of these areas; Here are... Continue Reading →

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