Pandemic 1918-1920

It was January 2nd, 1919. A seven-year-old boy approached the room where his mother lay in bed glistening with sweat and shivering. "She has been stricken with the Influenza," his father, Dr. Malcolm MacKay, had whispered to him. The word had only recently turned into a common term. Left Euphima MacKay (MacInnis) and husband Dr.... Continue Reading →

You Have to See the Midland Ice Caves

This seems to be a popular post this winter, so thought I would re-cycle it.


Map of Points of Interest  Midland area of New Brunswick

The January thaw has melted the snow back but the temperature has dropped overnight to -6 Celsius, and the air is calm.  One of those perfect winter days I mentioned in my story, Off Season- Tourism and I plan to make the most of it.

I grab my backpack and fill it with snacks and water, check that my camera batteries are fully charged and my SD card is inserted.  I throw some spare clothing and my travel play book in the truck and I am out the door in 10 minutes. The drive will take me through familiar territory: Cambridge Narrows. I visited here for my post It All Started With Love. and I will drive past the road to  The Cuts Quarry; A Swimming Hole Secret.

Two weeks earlier I had gone in search of the trail head…

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