Dominion Park Beach

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

I love this beach, In my opinion it has the best features of swimming in freshwater – no great white sharks (I hope not anyway) or jellyfish (that I have ever seen) – but because it is the headwaters of the Saint John River, it benefits from the tidal thrust sent upstream twice daily by the Bay of Fundy. Dominion Park Beach is salt water.

The beach is tucked away in a sheltered cove on Randolph Island, in West Saint John. I sprawl out in my chair absorbing the afternoon sun, until a bead of sweat forms on my forehead and I am committed to a refreshing dip. I saunter across the grainy light-coloured sand and make my way to the water’s edge. It feels cool compared to the air temperature but not enough to stop me. Gradually I splosh my way out to deeper water. Once it is up to my waist I splash down. The sudden change in body temperature is a little startling but within a moment I have adjusted and it is deliciously wonderful as I float just under the surface. I am always surprised at how pleasant the water temperature is here for swimming.

There is no worry about cold onshore gusts roaring in from of the Bay of Fundy that will flip your beach umbrella inside out and make you sprint out of the water to get wrapped up in your towel before your lips turn blue and you shiver uncontrollably. None of that…this is a nice beach.

New clean portable change rooms with showers sinks and toilets are on site and lifeguards are on duty. The rules say pets must be on a leash and dogs are not allowed on the sand. I asked the lifeguard, “Does that mean dogs have to stay up on the grass under the trees?” she said, “We are really only concerned with the roped off area that we oversee.” She point out that dogs can go to the further ends of the beach where they don’t supervise.

Oh did I mention Dominion Park it is part of the StoneHammer UNESCO Geopark? Yes, these rocks are some of the same rocks found on coastal Africa when the continents were ripped apart. There is also a historic lime kiln near by. Lots of parking, It is a free public beach Lifeguards are on duty from June to the end of August.


712 Dominion Park Road
Dominion Park Beach
Saint John, NB

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