What to do with nine hours in Cairo?

March 4th, 2016 early morning We sprint down the hall of the hotel, our wheeled bags flipping over as we ricochet around the corners. Moments earlier, we had gotten the message, "The ride to the airport is leaving now,"  and we didn't get to say good bye to our tour friends. We rush from the... Continue Reading →


What Kenya did to Me: Lower Masai Mara P6

February 28th Ken Conger, our lead photographer, is travelling with us this morning. He is helping us with our camera settings, histogram readings, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. I am finally starting to understand the photography triangle. As we comb carefully through the overgrown paths, Eric explains we can't just go zooming off in any... Continue Reading →

What Kenya did to me- On the road P5

February 27th The wall sconces cast a dim light in our room on this early morning travel day.  We linger in our beds chatting about what we have experienced. Half the trip is completed and we are feeling a sense mourning as the end of the trip draws closer.  Everyone in our groups has said Masai... Continue Reading →

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