Thomas Cove, Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Map, points of interest. Part 7 After exiting the road from Economy Falls, I feel relieved to be on solid pavement, but the short hike had just whetted my appetite, leaving me wanting more. With the Five Islands Provincial Park not open till June, I decide to check out the recommendation from the lady at the... Continue Reading →


Economy Falls, Nova Scotia

Map of points of Interest around Cape Chignecto Nova Scotia Part 6 The lady at the gas station had warned me, "It is a long way into the falls on a narrow dirt road." As I turned off the Glooscap Trail, I see a sign that states Economy Falls 8 km.  I reset my odometer... Continue Reading →

Five Islands, Economy, Nova Scotia

Map of Cape Chignecto, NS. Points of interest Part 5 I turn the wheel left then right, following the flow of switchbacks through topography that swings from 200 meters back down to sea level.  Cape Chignecto is left behind, this area is called the Minas Basin.  I cross Herrington River, then whiz by Lynn Road. ... Continue Reading →

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Map points of interest Part 5 My expectations are low after the thrill of Joggins fossil cliffs- UNESCO WHS,  followed up by the Cape d’Or Lighthouse hike, and Partridge Island: Rock-hounding, hiking.  Spencer’s Island, Nova Scotia How could Parrsboro measure up? I roll into town and stop for gas. The lady behind the counter greets me like I am... Continue Reading →

Cape d’Or Lighthouse hike

Points of Interest, Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia part 3 I pull into the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. The entrance gate is pulled shut so I can't drive in, but I see a car parked in the lot and park beside it. My hope is the car belongs to someone working in the office. As I... Continue Reading →

Joggins fossil cliffs- UNESCO WHS

Part 1 I think I may have broken the law today.  I trespassed. I stepped over the chain barrier that said DO NOT ENTER, and proceed onward to a wooden path that was also blocked by boards nailed across the entrance. I climbed them like a ladder and jumped to the other side.  The yellow caution... Continue Reading →

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