Mount Katahdin, Maine

My alarm blares, announcing my wakeup time of 2:45 am. I down some oatmeal, swig a protein smoothie, then dash out the door with my pack and drive to our rendezvous point in Morell Park, in downtown Fredericton. My co-worker Rene-Lynn has orchestrated this outing: three complete strangers she has plucked from various aspects of... Continue Reading →


Saturday’s Shot

Tomorrow I am heading to Baxter State Park, Maine, to hike Mount Katahdin, with some friends. This will be my first summit this summer. I will be taking the 10 essentials in my pack. A Osprey EJA 38 plus; passport, Health insurance, Park info, headlight, bug spray, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, 3 liters of water... Continue Reading →

Cape Split, Nova Scotia

Fog hovers low over the area shrouding the bay and upper part of the cape.  As I exit the truck a raven is cawing repetitively from the top of a spruce tree. He jumps from his perch and flies away as I disturb the peace by shutting the driver's-side door. I turn my head and watch... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

This was taken last Saturday. I stopped at the Nova Scotia welcome center on Fort Lawrence road in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Jacob was kind enough to pose for a photo and puff out a tune for the crowd. More to follow I am off exploring.

Miguasha-UNESCO heritage site, Quebec

  Part 3 I cross the inter-provincial bridge from New Brunswick into the province of Quebec and turn right onto Hwy 134. This road encircles the entire Gaspe Peninsula, however I am only going along part of the east side, which is cradled between a mountainous bluff and the islands dotting the Restigouche River. It... Continue Reading →

Sugarloaf Mountain, Campbellton, New Brunswick

Labour Day  2016 Near the end of the Appalachian Range route, a conical-shaped mountain starts to dominate the skyline.  It is an extinct volcano located inside Sugarloaf Provincial Park  near Campbellton, New Brunswick, and I'm here to complete one more peak for the summer. It's late afternoon by the time I walk through the doors... Continue Reading →

Fundy National Park – Part 2

Bennett Lake to Lake Laverty 14 km return I return to my truck four times before I actually make it to the trail head. Once to swap my down jacket for my rain jacket, then to check that I had packed enough snacks. Next I puzzled, Should take my phone?  I can use as a... Continue Reading →

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