Usually, I tell you a story and take you with me. Let you see what I am seeing, taste what I am tasting and to smell what I am smelling. Fall is such an expressive season, I don’t have to work hard to bring those sensations to you.

This last weekend my sister and I went for a walk in Cape Breton on the County Line Road, an area the locals call the highlands. We walked down to the village of West Bay, where my sister and I grew up. Please read Cape-Breton-part-2-a-tourist-at-home, for more of the area.

My sister breathed in deep and said, “I love the fall…. cinnamon smells….” something like that. I missed the part in the middle. She has lived there all her life. She knows the nuances of the changing seasons in her area like nothing I can describe. Several years ago we did the same walk, a little earlier in the season, and I remember she told me about the little purple flowers that bloom in September that signal the end of summer. I now notice them here in New Brunswick.

We went to Marble Mountain beach once in mid-August and she was able to point out a tree, “Just around the bend, on the left side of the road. The Maples will already start changing colour.” I am always impressed with her awareness of her local climate.

This fall has been busy and I haven’t had a chance to complete all my stories. And the month is ticking away

The above photo is from the grape harvest in Kingston, New Brunswick at Dunhams-run-winery I am working on a follow up to that story so please stay tuned for it.

On my way back from Cape Breton, I detoured over to Parlee Beach to get some photos. I had been there in July and took photos but some how they have disappeared, and I have a post ready to go that requires pictures. So keep watch for my Parlee Beach post.

The beach was getting some off-season maintenance and there were tire tracks furrowed through the lovely sand, plus the sky was gray. I came away with mediocre photos of arguably the top beach in New Brunswick, and I was a little disappointed. However, as I departed a field of flowers caught m eye. It was enclosed with a wooden fence and a backdrop of the trees changing colours that was very attractive. I braked hard, pulled over to the side of the road and parked. Toting my camera I stepped over the fence and captured various angles and closeups. Loved this spot.

Flower field near Parlee Beach, Shediac New Brunswick

I have done several hikes in my local area of Oromocto, New Brunswick. You know I never go anywhere without my camera and I am glad. It was such a pretty day, I had to share a couple of spots along the trail of the Gateway wetlands conservation area. Hope you enjoy them.

Covered bridge at Gateway Wetland Conservation Area, Oromocto, New Brunswick
leaf trail

Happy travels from Maritime Mac.


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