Battle Harbour, NFLD #4

Una and Jim followed me through the Bunkhouse out to the kitchen area. "I don't have any ice," I say as I reach up into the cupboard and pull down a couple of plastic glasses and set them down on the counter. Unscrewing the cap from the bottle of the pinot grigio, I fill up... Continue Reading →

Battle Harbour, NFLD, Canada, Part 1

Nine miles from Normal- the website states. After a scenic 9 mile boat ride from Mary's Harbour, we come through the narrows into Battle Harbour.The engine of the Trinity Pride revs as the captain manoeuvres her up alongside the wharf. The ropes get tossed over the side and once she is secured her... Continue Reading →

Red Bay, NFLD- UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Red Bay Basque whaling station, established by Basque Mariners in the 16th century, provides the earliest, most complete and best-preserved testimony of the European whaling traditions. It became a major source of whale oil, which was shipped to Europe, where it was used for lighting. The site includes remains of rendering ovens, cooperages, wharves,... Continue Reading →

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