Partridge Island: Rock-hounding, hiking

Points of interest on Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia part 2 I had heard about a beach where you could walk the shore at low tide and search for amethyst. I don't remember how I found it, I just remember driving my truck across a rocky beach. Then I proceeded to walk with my head down... Continue Reading →


New blogger from Cape Breton has a great idea here, though I would share. Orginal posted on Decanter News


“Mary I need your help!  Hi my name is Mary Mackay and I am a product specialist with the Nova Scotia liquor Corporation, and I love sharing my product knowledge with everyone who needs me.

I have worked since 1985 with this company and I want to share my information and help others learn as I have about the world of Spirits, Wine and Beer!

Hi Mary I am having corn Beef and cabbage, please help me find a wine for this meal” This meal requires something like a Merlot, or Pinot Noir, something not too heavy. or for you white wine drinkers, Pinot Grigio,  Or Riesling will do nicely.

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