Cuts Quarry, A Skating Rink Too

If You Have to See the Midland Ice Caves. then you should stop for a skate on the frozen version of The Cuts Quarry; A Swimming Hole Secret. near Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick.

I almost drove by, but when I saw E Scotch Settlement road was bare dirt and not ice-covered, I turned right and drove the one-and-a-half kilometers to the two large rocks indicating the entrance to the quarry, letting the truck coast slowly over the rough going till I emerged into the main gravel pit.  Several trucks are backed right up to the edge of the pond with the tailgates down. I park, sling my camera over my shoulder and trot over to the edge to get some pictures.

The surface is as smooth as ceramic and I wish I had brought my skates.  Several grown men were enjoying a game of pick-up hockey.  As I moved along the bank taking pictures, one guy shouted out, a little animated,” Are those going to be in the paper?”  I smiled shook my head and yelled back “No.”

Cuts Quarry Winter
Cuts Quarry Winter
The Cuts Cambridge Narrows quarry
The Cuts Quarry Cambridge Narrows Summer

It’s mid-afternoon on a Monday so I wonder if he’s playing hooky from work.  If so, cheers to him. I will let this road-side attraction also in Cambridge Narrows speak for him; the famous Pants Down Pig whom seems to be saying to the world “Kiss my bottom.”


Cheers and Happy travels from Maritime Mac.

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