Saturday’s Shot

Every Saturday, I head out with my camera to take photos of something special to share. I go through all picture and choose the best and most unique shot of the day.

This morning I was walking on a path that follows the Oromocto river bank, and I heard a loud ” splash” it startled me enough that I jumped and thought,  “What the heck was that?

It was a beaver.  He dived under water, then resurfaced and gave his tail a wack with every submersion. They are fast swimmers and while he was propelling himself towards the other side, I was fighting my way through the alders to get a closer look.  I got a two horrible photo of him. So I they can’t be considered my best shot for today, but it was my best encounter.

Beaver on Oromocto River
Beaver crossing the Oromocto River

Further down the path, I saw a downy woodpecker. It was nice but pretty common.Downy Woodpecker

I got a gull on the lamp post, nice enough but also common. Gull on lamp post

Saturdays shot will be the two deer that strolled into my back yard. The photo is through the patio window so not prefect, but we were looking at each other through the glass. It was a lovely moment.

Hope you enjoy Saturday’s shot, Cheers from Maritime Mac


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17 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shot

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    1. Oh really!? The gull on the post was my favorite shot. You said it was “common” — that may be, but I’d say it’s “universal” as it brought back many fond memories of spending time with my granparents on Tiki Island. Thank you for sparking such fond memories, Kelly!


    2. I guess, I leave near the ocean, gulls are as common as crows here. I did like the photo, I just didn’t think it so unique to stand alone as my best photo. I am glad you enjoyed it, thanks Micki for commenting and stopping by, please do again. I will be sure to return the favour.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog! Therefore, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Congratulations!!!. It’s completely optional to take part, but can be a great way to promote you blog.😊😊


  2. Wandering around with a camera— always a good way to while away time on a lazy Saturday, Kelly. 🙂 And beavers, aren’t they noisy! More than once I’ve been startled by their flapping tales. –Curt


    1. I have seen them before, and of course watched documentaries of them, but I have never seen one flap their tail before. It was really loud. Thanks for stopping in Curt. I always enjoy your comments. I had a lot of writing and chores to do today. So I haven’t been on WP much today. I will stop by your site very soon Cheers.

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    2. I was out on a multi-day canoe trip through the Alaska wilderness the first time I heard one. We were camped next to a small stream when a beaver apparently noticed out tent at about one am. BAM! Scared the heck out of me. –Curt


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