Size Matters In New Brunswick

This is a photographic story to show you the general rule of thumb for honouring an industry, a species, or a historically significant event in New Brunswick. By building a Worlds Largest Monument …Enjoy.

Worlds Larges Axe in Nackawic, New Brunswick

It represent the importance of the forestry industry to the area and the Province.

Worlds Largest Axe. NacKawie New Brunswick

Worlds Largest Sandpiper In Dorchester, New Brunswick

To represent the annual migration of  80% of the worlds Semi-Palmated Sandpipers that stop at Mary’s point  and Johnson Mills, New Brunswick each year on their journey south.

worlds largest Sand Piper


Worlds Longest Covered Bridge in Heartland.

New Brunswick has sixty covered bridges, this is longest in the world. No need to honour any time period or industry, just drive through it and feel the wonder.

Hartland worlds Longestcovered Bridge
worlds Longest Covered Bridge Hartland NB

Worlds Largest Salmon, Sam, In Campbellton, New Brunswick

Sam mark the importance of the salmon that live, breed, and return to the rivers of the area."Sam"  worlds Largest Salmon Campbellton

Worlds Largest Maple Leaf. Milleville, NB,

I’m going out on a limb here and saying, I believe it is for the maple syrup produced in this area. There is nothing written about it, but I have had amazing pancakes and maple syrup  here, so I give it a vote of confidence.worlds Largest Maple Leaf

Worlds largest Silver Fox Salisbury.

Silver Fox were raised for their fur. It was a lucrative industry to the early settlers of the town of Salisbury. I am on the look out for escapees. More to follow

Worlds largest Silver Fox
Worlds largest Silver Fox

Worlds Larges Lobster in Shediac,

The importance of the lobster fishery and their claim to having the worlds best lobster.

Worlds Largest Lobster
Worlds Largest Lobster

Worlds largest Magnet Moncton New Brunswick.

A long time tourist attract in Moncton.  You can put your vehicle in neutral and it will magnetically be pulled uphill backwards.  Watch your iron intake before visiting ha ha.worlds Largest Magnet

Caraquet supposedly has the worlds Largest Conch and Sea shell but I am sorry to say, I haven’t seen it yet.  Perhaps this summer stay tuned.

The next WORLDS BIGGEST are  famous and speak for themselves;

The Worlds Highest Tides Fundy National Park UNESCO World Heritage SiteFundy National Park flower pots  New Brunswick



Highest Peak In Atlantic Canada

You can see 10 million trees from its peak and it has the highest concentration of mammals in New Brunswick. It’s a park so no hunting 🙂

Mount Carleton 820 M/ 2693 FtMt Carleton New Brunswick Summit view


If you have any interest’s or requests, please contact me by email. I would love to explore and describe the places you want to visit. Check out

Until next time, happy travels from Maritime Mac

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