Miguasha-UNESCO heritage site, Quebec

  Part 3 I cross the inter-provincial bridge from New Brunswick into the province of Quebec and turn right onto Hwy 134. This road encircles the entire Gaspe Peninsula, however I am only going along part of the east side, which is cradled between a mountainous bluff and the islands dotting the Restigouche River. It... Continue Reading →


Campbellton area, New Brunswick

Map of points of interest From the look off of Sugarloaf Mountain, Campbellton, New Brunswick. The town core is a lure and that is my next stop.  I find Sam the giant Salmon in the town square. He has his own pond and fountain and lot of people mill about in the sun.  A young girl slips... Continue Reading →

Sugarloaf Mountain, Campbellton, New Brunswick

Labour Day  2016 Near the end of the Appalachian Range route, a conical-shaped mountain starts to dominate the skyline.  It is an extinct volcano located inside Sugarloaf Provincial Park  near Campbellton, New Brunswick, and I'm here to complete one more peak for the summer. It's late afternoon by the time I walk through the doors... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

Since I missed last weekends Saturday shot, I will catch up with this one from my trip to Bathurst. A bit of wind stirring up the surf. Can you feel it? Cheers

Fundy National Park – Part 2

Bennett Lake to Lake Laverty 14 km return I return to my truck four times before I actually make it to the trail head. Once to swap my down jacket for my rain jacket, then to check that I had packed enough snacks. Next I puzzled, Should take my phone?  I can use as a... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

Went to Jemseg to bird watch this morning.  I saw several yellow warblers, Barrow golden eye, several black ducks, wood ducks and an Osprey.  But this man fishing from the back of his truck along the saint John River with trusty companion struck me best.  Great Yellow legs runner up. Happy travels from Maritime Mac.

Grand Manan’s Red Trail

  Hiking trails Grand Manan Fidgeting with excitement, I stand at the access gate. The metal grate shudders under my feet as each car drops onto the lift gate and rolls onto the ferry at Black's Harbour, New Brunswick.  A man in an orange crossing-guard vest waves for the walk-on passengers to go forward and... Continue Reading →

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