Cape d’Or Lighthouse hike

Points of Interest, Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia part 3 I pull into the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. The entrance gate is pulled shut so I can't drive in, but I see a car parked in the lot and park beside it. My hope is the car belongs to someone working in the office. As I... Continue Reading →


Joggins fossil cliffs- UNESCO WHS

Part 1 I think I may have broken the law today.  I trespassed. I stepped over the chain barrier that said DO NOT ENTER, and proceed onward to a wooden path that was also blocked by boards nailed across the entrance. I climbed them like a ladder and jumped to the other side.  The yellow caution... Continue Reading →

Irishtown Nature Park, Moncton

I am driving west on the Trans Canada highway, and I am having an internal debate, flip-flopping between should I ? should I not?  The Notre-Dame/ Saint Antoine exit is coming up fast, so I have to make this decision now. Last moment the right-hand turn signal goes on and I decelerate down the ramp. I had hiked around Victoria... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

Every Saturday, I head out with my camera to take photos of something special to share. I go through all picture and choose the best and most unique shot of the day. This morning I was walking on a path that follows the Oromocto river bank, and I heard a loud " splash" it startled... Continue Reading →

Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

The sign says Truro - The Hub of Nova Scotia. From here a web of roads spindles outward and onward to Cape Breton, New Brunswick, Halifax and the South Shore.  I think to myself: When you advertise that you are the jump-off point to other places, that is generally how you will be seen, from the car... Continue Reading →

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