Humanity Found in Hampton, NB

The worlds ethics has been tested this year, filters have been removed and tactfulness replaced with bluntness. The lost of life through violence due to genocide, religious differences, hatred and racism have been enormous. For those who have never heard of  John Peter Humphrey,  he was the man that drafted the -Universal Declaration of Human Rights for [...]


The Fundy Trail Parkway, Is Not The Fundy National Park.

I have been to St Martin's beach in southern New Brunswick many times, it is a little over an hour from my home.  I, like everyone else, stop and take photos of the two covered bridges,  the lighthouse, and the fishing boats moored to the pier resting on the sea floor. Then continue on to [...]

In Honour of Canada’s 150th

  I had come back from a trip of a lifetime to Kenya in March 2016 that left a travel hangover bigger than my will. I needed a hair of the dog to aid my re-entry into New Brunswick life and to find a fitting way to celebrate Canada's 150th that was all mine. However, [...]

Wanderlust; A New Brunswick journey

During my re-entry from my African Trip, every day was a battle to fend off the explainable by-product that seeped from my bones into my flesh. I had wanderlust. The powerful addiction to migrate, take flight, roam. I was short on cash and rapidly weakening to it's force. With paper and calculator in hand, I [...]