Nepisiguit River – Mi’gmaq Trail, Bathurst.

Map points of Interest I arrive at the second bridge at Middle Landing and turn into the parking area. It is just before 6 am but June's sunrise glow brightens the landscape early this time of year in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Fog rises up from the river in the cool morning air.  I can only... Continue Reading →


Economy Falls, Nova Scotia

Map of points of Interest around Cape Chignecto Nova Scotia Part 6 The lady at the gas station had warned me, "It is a long way into the falls on a narrow dirt road." As I turned off the Glooscap Trail, I see a sign that states Economy Falls 8 km.  I reset my odometer... Continue Reading →

Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

The sign says Truro - The Hub of Nova Scotia. From here a web of roads spindles outward and onward to Cape Breton, New Brunswick, Halifax and the South Shore.  I think to myself: When you advertise that you are the jump-off point to other places, that is generally how you will be seen, from the car... Continue Reading →

The best of Woodstock, New Brunswick

Map of points of interest Woodstock, NB I exit the highway and take the scenic Saint John river road, past the little Temple stallion that rears up on the lawn of someone's home. The Benton Road sign comes into view and I follow it for about 12 kilometers, where the pavement ends.  Cautiously I swerve... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

I took a lot of photos this weekend -delete most of them.  This was a pretty place. Upham Brook Falls, Woodstock, NB. It was too bright out to drop by shutter speed low enough to get the silky looking flowing water. I wanted  to shoot under 1/15 second but 1/30 was as slow as I... Continue Reading →

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