Irishtown Nature Park, Moncton

I am driving west on the Trans Canada highway, and I am having an internal debate, flip-flopping between should I ? should I not?  The Notre-Dame/ Saint Antoine exit is coming up fast, so I have to make this decision now. Last moment the right-hand turn signal goes on and I decelerate down the ramp. I had hiked around Victoria... Continue Reading →


What Kenya Did To Me,- Kibera Part 1

Foreword  I am a very fortunate individual. I have had an equal dose of reward and tragedy, enough to push my boundaries and give me the mental strength and agility to stay ahead of the curve ball of life. However, my two weeks on the African continent changed me more than my previous forty-eight years combined.... Continue Reading →

Off Season- Tourism

A slushy area in the middle remains clear to keep two wheels on. I am embattled in the lesser known Canadian sport; playing chicken with on-coming traffic to see who will give up the center line first.

Hampton, New Brunswick Part 2

The early morning light is perfect, the river is a mirror, and I am in the prettiest spot in New Brunswick this morning. I can't get enough shots. I crawl along the river bank, over rocks, between trees snapping photos; a little of this tree, maybe two trees to frame the picture. Then I have... Continue Reading →

Humanity Found in Hampton, NB

The worlds ethics has been tested this year, filters have been removed and tactfulness replaced with bluntness. The lost of life through violence due to genocide, religious differences, hatred and racism have been enormous. For those who have never heard of  John Peter Humphrey,  he was the man that drafted the -Universal Declaration of Human Rights for... Continue Reading →

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