Oromocto, NB

10 things you didn’t know.

1. The oldest house is at 325 MacDonald Street. Known as the George Brown Home after the owner. Circa 1840

George Brown House 325 MacDonald Street Oromocto3
Oldest house dating from 1840 George Brown House 325 MacDonald Street Oromocto, New Brunswick

2. St John Anglican Church on Broad Road, has been a place of worship in Oromocto since 1792, The current church is the third one dating from 1920.

3. Duncan Wilmot, one of the Fathers of Confederation, is buried in the church’s cemetery.  Please read In Honour of Canada’s 150th to find out more.

Grave of -Robert-Wilmot father of confederation
Grave of Robert Wilmot Father of confederation Buried at Historic St Johns Anglican Chursh Anglican Church cemetery on Broad Road, Oromocto, New Brunsiwck

4. A fire destroyed most of the town in September 1919. It burned thirty homes plus several barns, stores and all three churches before smothering itself out at the river. There was no organized fire department at the time and this event spearheaded what has become The Oromocto Fire Department

5. Fort Hughes military block house is a replica of the 1780 fort that stood on the same spot.

March 26th 2017_004

6. There is a difference between the two sculptured soldiers standing guard at Fort Hughes( above); Located at Hazen Park. The one on the left; represent a member of the Royal Fencible American,Loyalist soldier that garrisoned the fort during the American Revolutionary War. The one on the right is a French Forces solider to represent the many french settlers of the area. They live peacefully together. Created by local Artist Monty MacMillian

7. The Oromocto river is an ancient Maliseet trail to the south coast of New Brunswick, that can still be followed by paddling and portage.

Oromocto River
Oromocto River an ancient Maliseet Trail

8. The Gathering Place sculpture by Jessie Salisbury, located in Hazen Park, is one of the sculpture on the Sculpture Trail sponsored by New Brunswick Sculpture symposium  .  They are placed in communities throughout New Brunswick.

The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place Sculptor Jesse Salisbury USA Located in Hazen Park Oromocto,

9.  Oromocto has a time capsule. In the Family Park, for NB 200. Located on Wassis Road. The next openings are 2034 and 2084.

10.  You can walk the trails in Deer Park and see the high water flood line on all the trees year round, because the lichen wouldn’t grow lower, it is flood intolerant.

Deer Park, Oromocto
The Lichen doesn’t grow below the flood line marking the high water of the spring flood on the trees

Now you know ten new things about Oromocto, New Brunswick. Canada

Happy Travels From Maritime Mac.

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Me against the flood line on the trees IN Deer Park
Me standing against a tree to show how high the flood line on the trees is In Deer Park

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  1. Kelly, Thank you for this blog, I’ve enjoyed spending some time here. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting your really lovely part of the world a couple of times in the past three or four years and I have to say I don’t know of a friendlier, more welcoming place on this entire planet. Cheers!


    1. It is a very beautiful place, I have seen such wonderful place.my favourite was Walton Glen Gorgeous if you would like to check that out, it was Amazing, I am proud of that story. 🙂

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