It All Started With Love

Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings. I had checked out the tourist information office [...]


Walton Glen Gorge…….ous.

Snuggled in my mummy bag, I am warm but the cool air bites at my nose, indicating this will probably be my last night camping for this season.  I reluctantly crawl out to meet the crisp morning and my senses are rewarded; a misty fog hangs over the pond beside my campsite at Adair's Wilderness Lodge. [...]

The Miramichi River Route, as I would do it.

Map of New Brunswick The Miramichi River Route A.K.A  Highway 8 is a scenic drive between Fredericton and Miramichi.;  I recommend to bit, chew, and digest, this awesome 174 kilometer strip of river and road, one attraction at time.  This is not a what do and see in Fredericton or Miramichi but what see and [...]


  I leave the brightness of the daylight and enter the shaded area of the walking trail.  I have yellow birch, some eastern hemlock some spruce and ash trees to keep me company. They are well spaced, tall but narrow in diameter telling me this area has been logged in the past.   Several flights [...]

Size Matters In New Brunswick

This is a photographic story to show you the general rule of thumb for honouring an industry, a species, or a historically significant event in New Brunswick. By building a Worlds Largest Monument ...Enjoy. Worlds Larges Axe in Nackawic, New Brunswick It represent the importance of the forestry industry to the area and the Province. [...]

Wanderlust; A New Brunswick journey

During my re-entry from my African Trip, every day was a battle to fend off the explainable by-product that seeped from my bones into my flesh. I had wanderlust. The powerful addiction to migrate, take flight, roam. I was short on cash and rapidly weakening to it's force. With paper and calculator in hand, I [...]