Cape Split, Nova Scotia

Fog hovers low over the area shrouding the bay and upper part of the cape.  As I exit the truck a raven is cawing repetitively from the top of a spruce tree. He jumps from his perch and flies away as I disturb the peace by shutting the driver's-side door. I turn my head and watch... Continue Reading →


Blomidon Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Map points of Interest My first impression is wow what a pretty place.  The campground attendant suggests I go have a drive around, choose the campsite I want and then come back and settle up. They currently only have three campers in the park, so I can have my pick of spots. "You can have a... Continue Reading →

Burntcoat Head Park, Nova Scotia

  Map I open the door and stand in front of the lady behind the tourist information desk, looking at her but pointing behind me.  "The sign outside says I can climb to the top of the lighthouse for free, is this correct?" "It certainly is, the whole park is free," she replies. I head... Continue Reading →

Five Islands, Economy, Nova Scotia

Map of Cape Chignecto, NS. Points of interest Part 5 I turn the wheel left then right, following the flow of switchbacks through topography that swings from 200 meters back down to sea level.  Cape Chignecto is left behind, this area is called the Minas Basin.  I cross Herrington River, then whiz by Lynn Road. ... Continue Reading →

Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

The sign says Truro - The Hub of Nova Scotia. From here a web of roads spindles outward and onward to Cape Breton, New Brunswick, Halifax and the South Shore.  I think to myself: When you advertise that you are the jump-off point to other places, that is generally how you will be seen, from the car... Continue Reading →

When it snows, I plan

Woodstock, New Brunswick awaits. I have mentioned my travel playbook in several posts, including You Have to See the Midland Ice Caves.  and I used it extensively in Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through. My book is not a fancy laptop or a modern app, it is an old-fashioned notebook where I jot down important facts,... Continue Reading →

It All Started With Love

Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings. I had checked out the tourist information office... Continue Reading →

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