Fossatun, Iceland

Between Akranesviti Lighthouse and the Hraunfossar & Barnafoss Waterfalls. was a roadside attraction. It wasn’t on our itinerary. I just saw it, braked and parked in front of a sign saying FOSSATUN.

“Oh thank you for stopping,” Tracy says, pushing her door open to get out. We have stopped because of an enormous troll head. Tracy and I go right to the head and Mary and Monique take a stroll down to the river.

Oral stories of hidden people, elves and trolls that live among the rocks have been a part of Icelandic folklore since the time of the Vikings. While Tracy stands with the head, I take photos of her and she tells me what she has learned on the topic. “Hidden people choose who can and can’t see them.” Apparently elves are like sirens and trolls are human-like but with more exaggerated forms. Speaking about them is generally frowned upon, but someone obvious has a sense of humor or wants to financially capitalize on the myths because the troll head is a landmark for the entrance to Troll park- a unique holiday location.

I ask Tracy to take a photo of me as I look away and this is when I realize what a beautiful spot we have stopped at. The river courses through a rocky gully. Blunted hills are all striated. To me the scratches look like giant claw marks dragged across the landscape, probably left by receding glaciers but maybe trolls.

Sheep are grazing on a bluff just above the river and sun is streaming a ray of light through the clouds We take a twenty-minute breather here just to look at the scenery and not have to move very far. It is an easy stop for everyone. Next up is Gerduberg cliffs

Please join us on a short walk to the 14 meter high basalt column cliffs. Happy travels from Maritimemac


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  1. Looking for elves and gnomes and other mystical creatures is a wonderful way to use one’s imagination for travel. I once spent three days looking for Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and with no luck finding it , the experience talking to locals about this legend was truly fun. Alaska and Antarctica would also intrigue me in this manner.

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    1. You are right. I did similar at loch Ness. I say eagles, moose, red foxes, totem poles, in Alaska but not elves. Lol I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Antarctica, so if you do, I’d like to hear the story


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