David Suzuki: Consumer society no longer serves our needs

David Suzuki: Consumer society no longer serves our needs


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14 thoughts on “David Suzuki: Consumer society no longer serves our needs

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    1. Thank you for reading it. It was a break from my normal travel blog, but his words were so important to my lifestyle, that I though it was worth sharing. Cheers


  1. Mr. David Suzuki definitely broke it down to the heart of the problem, yet again, and the solution? is this the governments duty? or the consumers responsibility? probably some of both for sure, at least at some point?


    1. People will have to take it on. Our economies are based on consumerism right now. So government wouldn’t take a stand. But Minimalism is a growing movement and who knows in a decade it may be bigger


    2. Minimalism huh, I understand the concept Im sure, but it is of a philosophy of less, a problem with environmentalism, be less, live less and halt, truth be told, as was mentioned in the article I believe, companies are allowed to sell people their garbage piles, and I believe David Suzuki has come to a point to distinguish that the issue is when does Gov, acknowledge need to control standards in productions of products and packaging, so the article is great its just that its only that, whatever their talking about Id like to see the day that happens, lol, know what I mean, all that just to say, products can be made better, made to last, and packaging can at least be biodegradable, things can be made better with a better standard, for either commerce or industry or even government, on that day, what is it and why is that whole Minimalism?
      oh and truly sorry for all these pros


    3. When I walk into a Walmart. all I think of is everything in that story at the moment will be in a land fill in the next five years. that is one day at one Walmart in one town. That same goes for every story , on every day in every town all over the world. What a mess


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