Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

I am a Star Trek fan, not just the original series but The Next Generation, Voyageur, Deep Space Nine (probably my least favourite, I hate the Ferengi) Enterprise, Discovery, Picard, Star Trek shorts, all the movies. I also love Star Wars – all of the futuristic space shows, Andromeda, Dr. Who… heck I even love Professor Cox when he breaks our universe down into something I can mentally digest. Yup I am a space geek. Which means Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia has been on my travel list for many years. Why Shag Harbour? Well, it is the site of the 1967 incident.

“What incident is that?” you ask.

The truth is no one really knows for sure, and if they do… they aren’t saying. At first it was thought a plane had crashed. So many people called the police to report an unusual display of four orange lights that hovered over the Harbour then disappeared, that the Coast Guard and military were activated to help search the site. No wreckage was found, just a slick described as a yellow froth on top of the sea. Dives were conducted airport flight plans were checked. No military or civilian planes were reported missing. Local fishermen were questioned and helped in the search. What was reported by many, was unexplainable from an evidence point of view.

Chronicle Herald
The Chronicle- Herald front page

Canadian Defense Department Investigates UFO ...
Canadian Defense Department investigates UFO that dived into Nova Scotia Bay


On October 4th it will be 53 years since the incident took place, but the museum keeps the stories alive. Pages of transcript recalling verbatim accounts by local eyewitness are attached to the wall. I read the first two accounts from David Kendricks and Norman Smith then studied the sonar readings that were taken in the harbour of the suspected crash site. I browsed the collection of newspaper clippings about the event, what was reported to the police, and the rescue operation reported at Canadian Forces headquarters in Ottawa. Tidbits about divers on the HMCS Granby, that found no evidence of a crash but….the incident remains an open investigation.

Shag Harbour facts
Laurie Wickens was the first to report incident to RCMP


Celine and Fabien Cousteau, grandchildren of famed filmmaker Jacque Cousteau  visited Shag Harbour. They did several  dives in the area and made a documentary. I asked Mr.Wickens, “What was their findings?”  He stated he had the film on his computer but never really watched it. “I should…”  But regardless of what was or was not found, he is steadfast in his account of what he saw. Museum custodian

Sketches of a triangular aircraft with four lights hang on the wall. He points it out to me and I snap some photos.DSC_5545More drawing of lights seen from the supposed aircraft and of course alien paraphernalia to satisfy UFO fanatics . A case of books on UFOs and other non-earthling mysteries aligned in a collection.Alien

As I completed my tour, Mr. Wickens the custodian said he’d be happy to answer any questions. So I pose one: “Do you think it was some sort of bioluminescence produced by phytoplankton?”


He shakes his head and gives a very definitive “No.” Then he quickly gives me a mental map of where the lights were seen coming out of the water. He tells me the community receives no funding from the government to operate the museum and purchases made from their gift shop help cover costs. He grudgingly tells me about the large financial grant that was received to put a sign up so people can stop and take selfies with a large lobster with the face of an alien.

I comb through the trinkets and postcards, then look for a T-shirt in my size but ended up purchasing a mug for $15. While paying at the counter,  I kneel down to look at a jar at the front of the counter, I assume is filled with formaldehyde to preserve the creature  inside that resembles Yoda.  The snarl on my face must have queued him to say something, and he states “it was sent to me.”  Written on the jar is: you decide. I thank him for the tour and information then drive the short distance west to the sign. 






 Happily every morning I sip my coffee out of my new favourite mug, and I wish I had picked up a few more. They would have made great gifts, especially for the trekkies in your life.  If you are headed towards the south coast of Nova Scotia be sure to stop at Shag Harbour and draw your own conclusion of what the 1967 incident really was. Admission is $5 cash. Donations are appreciated.


Address; 5615 Highway 3 Shag Harbour

DATES; June 15, 2020 – September 30, 2020

CONTACT: 902-319-0649

Call for off season visits


Website says an Annual festival is held October 1–3. (2021).

 Happy travels from Maritimemac





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  1. I had no idea you are a Trekkie! Me too! It’s a life-long love for the series, Kelly. I remember watching Star TrekTOS in black and white as a kid. I’m watching the DS 9 series on BBC America every morning, then it turns to the TNG series. Still addicted after almost 60 years! I don’t like the Ferengi either, you can’t trust them at all. Big-eared rats! I’ve heard the Shag Harbour/harbor name before. I do believe that this stuff is happening, many people just can’t, or won’t, believe.

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  2. One of the most memorable episodes of Deep Space Nine is “Trials and Tribble-ations”. As a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the original series, the DSN crew go back in time to prevent the assassination of Captain Kirk — recall the bomb that the Klingons placed in the storage bin full of Quadrotriticale that was eaten by the Tribbles.

    Using cinematic digital insertion, the DSN crew appear on the Enterprise in scenes edited from the original “The Trouble with Tribbles”. It was quite masterful, and the most popular episode of the fifth season. Voyager produced a similar episode, “Flashback”, which intersected the story line of the motion picture, “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”.

    As for the Shag Harbour incident, is it only a coincidence that it occurred twenty years after Roswell? There was a whole lot of hype in ’67 as it was the 20th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Whether or not it happened, Roswell continues to profit as it has become a destination for paranormal enthusiasts.

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  3. I share your love of Star Trek and all things sci-fi! Years ago there was a Star Trek bar in the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. A very tall Klingon woman stood next to my husband and gently growled at him. I doubt I could ever turn him on like that…👽

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