You Have to See the Midland Ice Caves

This seems to be a popular post this winter, so thought I would re-cycle it.


Map of Points of Interest  Midland area of New Brunswick

The January thaw has melted the snow back but the temperature has dropped overnight to -6 Celsius, and the air is calm.  One of those perfect winter days I mentioned in my story, Off Season- Tourism and I plan to make the most of it.

I grab my backpack and fill it with snacks and water, check that my camera batteries are fully charged and my SD card is inserted.  I throw some spare clothing and my travel play book in the truck and I am out the door in 10 minutes. The drive will take me through familiar territory: Cambridge Narrows. I visited here for my post It All Started With Love. and I will drive past the road to  The Cuts Quarry; A Swimming Hole Secret.

Two weeks earlier I had gone in search of the trail head…

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Matane, QC

Coming out of the isolation of Parc-National-de-la-Gaspesie, my re-entry into an urban setting makes me tense. I have a death-grip on the steering wheel as I navigate roads that seem to pin-wheel in every direction. "Can't you people all go home?" I said aloud to myself, annoyed by the unpredictability of other drivers, and pedestrians... Continue Reading →

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