It All Started With Love

Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings.

I had checked out the tourist information office and read on an interpretive plaque that  there had been a fire that destroyed a large number of home in the town in early 1900’s and the dedication plaque was in Unity Park.

Unity Park
Unity Park Grand Bay West Field Mullen road
Monument to the 1921 fire
On August 1921 A forest fire raged though West Field, leaving 55 families homeless with no loss of life. This memorial placed by the town of Grand Bay Westfield in the year 200

I located the fire dedication, and right beside it was another sculpture. This one was called Love. Now my curiosity was piqued; I read all the script on the plaque: the name, the artist, the town sponsor, and the insignia of New Brunswick Sculpture Symposium. The light went on; this is an art organization. A story was forming in my mind and I had some research to do to find out how many sculptures, and there locations.

In 2007, US sculptor Jesse Salisbury brainstormed an idea to put together an event in Acadia National Park in Maine, named the Maine Schoodic international Sculpture Symposium.  Seven sculptures came from that initial symposium.  The sculptures were placed in various locations along the coast line of Maine.  The roots of the idea took hold and today there are thirty-four sculptures creating the Maine Sculpture Trail.

Five years ago (2012), the New Brunswick International Sculptures Symposium introduced a closely emulated model to our province, with Sculpture Saint John. After three successful symposium, eighteen sculptures are now in place connecting communities within New Brunswick. The goal is to have thirty-five sculptures throughout New Brunswick by 2020. The two trails; Maine’s, link to New Brunswick’s, will create a unique cross-border tourist trail of contemporary art from world renown sculptors

I compiled my list, grouped them into regions, tracked down their exact coordinates, intersection, parks etc, then dug into points of interest in each area. When I was satisfied my due-diligence supplied me with enough Meat from each location, to make the trips worth while, I headed out to find them.  Here is how the hunt went down.

I Got Love, River Gate, and the Untitled from my Westfield-Grand Bay , and the story Westfield to Grand Bay, The Best Of  

New Brunswick Sculpture Symposium
New Brunswick Sculpture Symposium LOVE Fetiye Boucevin-France
River Gate
River Gate by Radoslav Sultov of Bulgaria
New Brunswick International sculputure symposium Unnamed by Aleasio Ranaldi of Italy

The sculpture Peace was at the entrance to the Pines Conservation Park, near Cambridge Narrows, which was on the way to the The Cuts Quarry; A Swimming Hole Secret.

Sculpture Peace
Sculpture Peace, Cambridge Narrow in Pines Conservation Park.


Sense of Place was found on a very product trip to Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through

Sense Of Place, Chee Fong, Australia
Sense of Place Hew Chee Fong Australia New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium INC 2014 Located at corner of Magnolia and Main, Sussex NB

Rendezvous was captured during a trip to Fredericton, the day I attend the opening of the new wing of the art Galley and I wrote Beaverbrook Bigger Better

Rendezvous Catherine Leva France South River walk Park Fredericton, New Brunswick

Sunshine and Moonlight, Door to Dreams, First Day, Windows on the Water, and Wind and Water, I scrounged up, then went for a dip at Dominion Park Beach in Saint John, which became part of Summer Of The Beach story.

Sunshine and MoonLight Over Saint John
Sunshine and Moon Light Over Saint John Hiroyuki Asano,, Japan
Door to Dreams
Door to Dreams sculptor: Hiroyuki Asano, Japan NBCC Saint John Campus
Window on the waterfront
Window on the waterfront Hiroshi Tanaka- Japan Saint John Waterfront Development.
Wind and water James Boyd
Wind and Water sculptor James Boyd Water front Development Saint John.
First Day
First Day sculptor: Jhon Gogaberishvili, Republic of Georgia Located at University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus

The Meeting Place was easy, it is right next to the mall where I shop in Oromocto, and I became part of 10 Things You Didn’t Know; Oromocto, NB

The Meeting Place
The Meeting Place Hazen Park Oromocto,

The Arc and Cascade, were featured in How I Ended Up in Quispamsis. NB a story of my adventures from Rothsay to Quispamsis.

The ARC sculptor;Jo Kley Germany Rothsay Commons
Cascade, Agness Petrovia, Art and Culture park Quispamsis
Cascade, sculptor; Agness Petrovia, The Art and Culture park quispamsis

My favourite; the Peace Wing, one of the features behind the story of Humanity Found in Hampton, NB.

PEACE WING Sculptor; JAMES BOYD, HAMPTON in the town Square

Leaving Time and Universe, Story of the Stone, Water Stone and Passage of light not checked off my list. It saddening me all fall, that I would potentially would have to wait till next season. Fortunately, a window of good weather and decent health shone on me the first weekend in November and I made a day trip to the border of New Brunswick and of course, there is always a story to tell. Stay tuned.

Waterstone Jason Boyd St George N ##
Water Stone Sculptor: James Boyd Location; St George , NB
Passage of Ligh Petre Petrovt Blacks Harbour NB
Passage of Light sculptor; Petre Petrovt lacated in Blacks Harbour NB
Time and Universe
Time and Universe sculptor; Jhon Gogaberishvili, Republic of Georgia Budd Ave IN St Stephen NB
Story of a Stone Karin von Ommeren he Netherlands 2014 St Andrews Indain Point
Story of a Stone sculptor: Karin von Ommeren he Netherlands Indian Point St Andrews

Should you wish to follow the sculpture trail,  It helps to start with Love.

  1.  St Stephen , Time and Universe, Jhon Gogaberishvili, Budd Avenue
  2.  Saint Andrews, Story of the Stone,Karin Van Ommeren, Indian Point park
  3.  St George, Water Stone, James Boydbeside Town Hall
  4.  Blacks Harbour, Passage of Light, Petre PetrovMunicipal Park
  5. Saint Johns Sunshine and moonlight, Hiroyuki Asano Rockwood park,
  6. Saint Johns Window on the Water, Hitoshi Tanaka, Harbour Passage walking trail.
  7.  Saint Johns Door to Dream, Hiroyuki Asano,  NBCC campus,
  8. Saint John First Day, Jhon Gogaberishvili, at UNB Saint John campus
  9.  Westfield Grand Bay River Gate, Radoslav Sultov, Brundage River Park,
  10.  Westfield Grand Bay Untitled, Alessio Ranaldi, Brundage River Park,
  11. Westfield Grand Bay, Love, Fetiye Boudevin, France Unity Park
  12. Oromocto, The Gathering Place, Jesse Salisbury, Hazen Park
  13. Fredericton, Rendezvous, Catherine Levi, France St Anne’s Point Dr, south river front-trail
  14. Sussex, Sense of PlaceHew Chee Fong, Australia 701-703 Main Street
  15. Cambridge Narrows, Peace, Fetiye Boudevin  Pines Conservation Park
  16. Rothsay, The Arc, Jo Kley, Germany  Rothsay commons
  17. Quispamsis, Cascade,Agnessa Petrova, Bulgaria The Landing Center
  18. Hampton, Peace Wing, James Boyd, New Brunswick, Town Square

Cheers and Happy Travels from Maritime Mac

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