What a weekend

Six cyclists from the Outdoor Enthusiasts Fredericton Club biked around Sussex, New Brunswick, Saturday July 14th. We visited six covered bridges along 60 kilometers of beautiful countryside. Then on Sunday,  I went Tubing with seven co- workers on the Nashwaak river.  If you would like to know more about each of these areas; Here are... Continue Reading →


Sugarloaf Mountain, Campbellton, New Brunswick

Labour Day  2016 Near the end of the Appalachian Range route, a conical-shaped mountain starts to dominate the skyline.  It is an extinct volcano located inside Sugarloaf Provincial Park  near Campbellton, New Brunswick, and I'm here to complete one more peak for the summer. It's late afternoon by the time I walk through the doors... Continue Reading →

Fundy National Park – Part 2

Bennett Lake to Lake Laverty 14 km return I return to my truck four times before I actually make it to the trail head. Once to swap my down jacket for my rain jacket, then to check that I had packed enough snacks. Next I puzzled, Should take my phone?  I can use as a... Continue Reading →

Top 20 Maritime Outdoor Escapes-2018

Just about now you may be thinking of where to go for your summer vacation. If an east coast holiday is in your future, I have put together my second annual list of favourite places I visited. I hope you enjoy them. (see here for  Top 20 Maritime Outdoor Escapes 2017  edition). 20. Bouctouche, New... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Shot

I took a lot of photos this weekend -delete most of them.  This was a pretty place. Upham Brook Falls, Woodstock, NB. It was too bright out to drop by shutter speed low enough to get the silky looking flowing water. I wanted  to shoot under 1/15 second but 1/30 was as slow as I... Continue Reading →

Maliseet Trail to Hay Falls, N.B.

Map February 19th, 2018 It was our first observation of family day in New Brunswick, and as I posted in When it snows, I plan, I wanted to go for a hike on the Maliseet Trail in Hay Settlement just south of Woodstock, New Brunswick. I pack extra long johns, snow pants, a hat, mittens, socks, boots... Continue Reading →

When it snows, I plan

Woodstock, New Brunswick awaits. I have mentioned my travel playbook in several posts, including You Have to See the Midland Ice Caves.  and I used it extensively in Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through. My book is not a fancy laptop or a modern app, it is an old-fashioned notebook where I jot down important facts,... Continue Reading →

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