Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada

I follow a post on one of my social media sites that has pictures of amazing place in my province of New Brunswick. When a photo of the bones of a tall ship grounded on the shores of the Richibucto River came up. I thought, I have never been there, I need to go see this. After crossing the bridge over the Richibucto River, I turned down the first left, which was River Street, hoping to find the spot the social media picture hat been taken from.

The eastern shore of the river has a little Carson Park with a boat launch and I walked along the area snapping pictures, reviewing what I had taken. I wasn’t happy with my results – they were just ok. Looking out across the river towards my subject, I noticed that there was a church not far from the ship and I thought perhaps I could get up close to the structure. There was no sense trying to get a good shot from so far away if I could be beside it.

Back across the bridge and this time I turn down North Street using the tip of masts as my landmark. Across from 13 North Street is a gravel parking area and I leave the truck here and head for the wide, well-worn foot path. My first stop is at the picnic area. Here is a granite plaque in the shape of a sail. I gather some information about the display

The plaque states the wreckage look-a-like of the tall ship Ellen Douglas is an art piece created by Jack Hudson. It is named The Masts and was commissioned in 2004 as a collaboration of the Richibucto River Historical Society and the Kingston Maritime Association, to raise awareness of the ship-building history of the area. Of the 271 ships that were build in Kent County, 105 of them were built in Rexton (Formerly Kingston, New Brunswick).

Another 200 meters or so is the interpretive area with a decent look at the ship but I still wasn’t satisfied and I always need to go to the end of a path.

interpretive plaques
Interpretive plaques area.

Onward maybe another 100 meters I landed at a wide space. Here I was able to go right out onto the sandy shore line of the Richibucto River right below the structure. This is where the great pictures happen.

The path keeps going through a a pleasant treed area out to the point, then around to the back of the church. It is isn’t more than a kilometer all in total.

This was a pleasant roadside attraction if you are in the area of Rexton, NB I am off to see some more of the Acadia coastline. please join me again. Happy travels from Maritimemac


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