Arches Provincial park, Newfoundland

Today is a driving day, and as I pass a sign for Lobster Cove Lighthouse, SS Ethie, and Steve’s Trail, I turn my head trying to catch a glimpse of anything that is visible through the truck window at 80 km/hour. I want to do all the hikes but after yesterday’s Western Brook Pond and Gorge, I feel a rest day is in order. I make a deal with myself: if I there is time on the way back I will do these spots, but today I am excited to be headed to one of Newfoundland’s most photographed places- Arches Provincial Park.

Just 70 km north of Rocky Harbor, I turn left down a short road through a tuckamore forest, emerging on the coastline. I can barely take my eyes away from the view. It is right there. I won’t have to work very hard for this adventure. I grab my camera, loop it around my neck, and follow my line of sight to the stairway leading to the rocky shore where the waves are sending out their best slurping sound.

There is a nice breeze tousling my hair and I stop and tie it up in a pony tail before continuing. Apparently, I do have to work a bit for this adventure. The closer I get, the more roly-poly the rocks become. I am careful, picking my way forward till I am standing in front of these enormous rock formations. The surf shows up all powerful and pushy entering the arches, but after emptying a froth on the lower boulders it weakens and is sucked back out. All the visitors want to be down in the heart of the arches and many hover at the waterline. I figure my best chance at getting someone to take my picture is to offer to take their picture. My ploy is a success. I happily snap several group shots until the favor is reciprocated and I get my chance- standing with a two-fingers up victory hands, my moment is over and I back away to give the next person a clean photo shot.

On beach in front of the rock formations of Arches Provincial Park, NFLD

I wander a bit further up to the ends of the arches but I believe I have gotten the best view, and not wanting to push my luck on the wobbly rocks, I make my way back to the parking lot. I have a little snack at one of the picnic tables, then use the clean outhouse. This was a nice forty minute stop and I am back on the Viking Trail headed to Port Aux Choix.

Please join me again in Port Aux Choix, Newfoundland. Happy Travels from Maritimemac


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    1. Ordovician Period, but I didn’t want to get into that topic. I am a geology enthustist however I’m not a special so I avoid getting too deep into the topic on post because it would require a lot time to research.

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  1. Your photo of ‘on the beach of rock formations’ is exciting . As if a treasure to be stealed off at first sight . Mam ! I have used wrong words . I should have used a word like robbed off . But that should have been an indecent act . I know that . But I feel that I shouldn’t murder my natural feelings and emotions in the day light . Your travel blog is superb undoubtedly . In limited words you have told what not . Your travelogues is different from that of others . You know how to and when to use what words for your travelogues . I am also trying to learn from your mastering over uses of words . I don’t know the art of using words artfully for blog like this . A lonely virgin beach , you and your photographer have proved that photography also speaks silently . They have words of their own . Again I would like to tell you frankly Mam ! that if option is given to steal something from your blog I would prefer and prefer and prefer your photographies . Because they have made a cozy place in our heart for ever . Thanks !

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    1. Thank you, I wish you the best in taking samples of others craft to master your wordsmithing. I do sell my photos, so I can’t premit reproductions and I appreciate the complement.Contact me if you would like further info.


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