East Coast Bucket List

The Bucket List has become a cliché, and a bucket is definitely not big enough to contain all of the places I want to go, and the experiences I wish to hold. So I have to add the Bowl list, and a few Jars Lists, which I can easily fill if I choose small enough topics.

Some people are collectors; Have you ever watched either of the shows American or Canadian Pickers? I can’t understand wanting all that clutter around.  At home I am a minimalist, but, my name is Kelly, and I am a travel hoarder. I love the research and planning, then my real addiction; the visit. I boldly go and see, what needs seeing, then capture it in pictures and check it off my list. Here is what this travel-hoarder collects. Engage.

Countries, provinces, states, cities, towns, villages. Places with odd names, lighthouses, sculptures, museums, murals, statues, anything with a plaque beside it will attract me.  Covered bridges, wooden bridges, suspension bridges, bridges period. Road side attractions, water falls, hiking trails, mountain tops.

Oh it doesn’t end there; Geological formations,

Hole in Wall Grand Manan
Hole in Wall Grand Manan, New Brunswick

and geographical locations like highest points, or  lowest points

Base of Smokey Mountain Cape Breton
Base of Smokey Mountain Cape Breton

the most easterly, most westerly, most southerly and northerly

Meat Cover Most Northern community in Nova Scotia

I have stood on the equator,  half way between the equator and north pole, and rode a horse across the great divide.

I’m always looking for the tallest tree in an areaDSCN4428.Heck might as well add, the tallest, biggest and smallest of anything and every place.


How about the start or end of something.

The start of the Ceilidh Coastal Trail Cape Breton

start of the Fundy foot trail

UNESCO heritage sites, National Historic Sites, Provincial historic Sites, Loyalist Grave yards, famous people s’ graves.

Alexander Keith's grave
Grave of Alexander Keith’s Brew Master of Keith’s Brewery In Halifax Nova Scotia

I like birth places or residence of famous and infamous people. I love taking photos of old cars, and fancy cars; I have several photos of various Rolls-Royce models. I pretty much like to see the oldest of anything; buildings, pubs, hotels, but I do get engrossed with news stuff too like contemporary architecture.

Then I absolutely love standing at the edge of cliffs, bluffs, and look outs; so of course National, Provincial, regional parks are must sees.  I’m like a butterfly attracted to a Black Eyed Susan at Botanical gardens. I especially love going to places with an abundance of birds, and mammals so I got to hit up all the wildlife preserves.

Then there are so many wineries, breweries, and distilleries to stop at.

A couple of subcatergories to add beaches, skylines, sunsets, sun rises, calm water, waves, rapids and I have been known to go where storms are going to be at their strongest.  Do you see why I can’t have a bucket list? Trust me, take up geocaching it is simpler.

Nashwaaksis stream Nature Trail Fredericton New Brunswick

Happy Travels from Maritime Mac

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  1. “Travel hoarder” – I love that! I too try to live more of a minimalist lifestyle. I’d rather collect memories, experiences and stories from my travels and relationships with friends and family.


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