National Historic Sites and Monuments, NB

Map of National Historic Sites NB

This September, It will be five years I have lived in New Brunswick.  Since that time I have travelled around the province getting to know it thoroughly.   A while back I wrote East Coast Bucket List,  and part of it was finding and documenting National Historic sites.

I am happy to say I have  been to all except for La Coupe Dry Dock in Aulac (couldn’t find it and Belmont house in Lincoln, which has no numbered address to maintain the privacy of the current owners). The Seal Cove Smoked Herring Stands on Grand Manan eluded me. I have been to the the island twice, this spring hiking when I covered the story for Grand Manan’s Red Trail, but I was unable to go to the historic site.  I will have to continue to look for all three.

If Fort Jemseq, has a monument at its location, I have not been able to find it. I have been to the coordinates several times but found no marker or plaque. I don’t have a picture for a Saint Luke’s Anglican Church in Quispamsis, or Chipman Hill, in Saint John but I have been to both.  With summer running out. I thought this was an excellent treasure hunt for history enthusiast enjoy.

Saint John

  1. Chipman Hill — please see Loyalist house picture.
  2.  Carleton Martello Tower

    Carleton Montello Tower National Historic site
    Carleton Martello Tower National Historic site
  3. Old Fort Charnisay a National Historic Site
    Old Fort Charnisay, a National Historic Site located on the front garden area of Carleton Community Center

    4. Fort La Tour


    5. Fort Howe


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    Imperial Capital Theatre

    Imperial Theatre Saint John
    Imperial Theatre Saint John

    6. Loyalist House

    Loyalist house Saint John NB
    Loyalist House on Chipman Hill

    7. Bank of New BrunswickBank of New Brunswick NHS

    8. Number 2 Mechanic volunteer Company Engine House

    Old Engine Number 2 house National Historic Site Plaque on right
    Old No. 2 Engine House National Historic Site, plaque on right

    9. Ordnance Building


    10. Partridge Island Quarantine Station — Not accessible, off-limits to the public.

    The breakwater is a rock causeway to Partridge Island
    The breakwater is a rock causeway to Partridge Island

    11. Prince William Streetscape

    Prince William City Scape John Hoopers sculptures People Waiting
    Prince William streetscape — all buildings had to be built of stone following the great fire of 1877

    12. Saint John City Market


    13. Saint John Court House



Officers square

Officiers Square and parade grounds
Officier’s Square and parade grounds
  1. Arts building, University of New Brunswick

    Sir How Douglas Hall 3 Bailey Dr
    Sir How Douglas Hall, 3 Bailey Dr., National Historic Site, University of New Brunswick campus. The Arts Building
  2. Christ Church Cathedral Fredericton
    Christ Church Cathedral Fredericton
    Christ Church Cathedral Fredericton

  3. Fort Nashwaak Fredericton North

    Fort Nashwaak 1692 Naitonal HIstoric Monument
    Fort Nashwaak 1692 National Historic Monument Carleton Park, Fredericton North
  4. Fredericton City Hall

    City Hall Fredericton National Historic Site
    City Hall Fredericton National Historic Site
  5. Old government house

    Old Governor House
    Old Government House
  6. Saint Anne’s Chapel of Ease

    St Anne Chapel of Ease A National Historic Site
    St Anne’s Chapel of Ease, A National Historic Site
  7. Saint Paul’s United Church

    St Paul;s United Church, Fredericton. A National Historic Site
    St Paul’s United Church National Historic Site
  8. William Brydone Jack Observatory

    William Brydon Jack Obeservatory
    William Brydone Jack Obeservatory, Bailey Drive, University of New Brunswick, National Historic Site
  9. York County Courthouse

    York Country Court House Queen Street
    York County Court house, Queen Street, Fredericton
  10. Wolastoq Old Government HouseSaint John's Canadian Heritage River Plaque
  11. Belmont House Lincoln. I have never been able to find it. 😦
  12. Boss Gibson plaque

    Dedication to Boss Gibson
    Dedication to Boss Gibson –  North Fredericton, off the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge Path

Highway 8

  1. Augustine Mound Metepenagiang

    National Historic site Government of Canada Plaque
    National Historic Site Government of Canada Plaque Augustine Mound
  2. Oxbow Metepenagiag

    NHS Metepenagiag Oxbow plack
    Government of Canada Plaque for Oxbow National Historic Site
  3. Beaubears Island / ship building Miramichi

    National Historic Site Boishebert and Beaubears shipbuilding and Beaubears Island
  4. Boishebert Miramichi
  5. Gibson Family Plot Marysville

    Gibson Family plot
    Gibson Family Plot, Alexander Gibson Memorial Cemetery, located on Canada Street (look for the United Church of Canada)
  6. Marysville Cotton Mill, Marysville

    Maarysville Place
    Marysville Place, the renovated and re-purposed Gibson Cotton Mill. 19th-century industrial building. National Historic Site
  7. Marysville Historic District National Historic PlaqueMarysvilleDunbar_708DSCN6769

Moncton, Sackville

  1. Chandler House, Dorchester

    Chandler House Historic Property
  2. Free Meeting House, Moncton

    Free meeting house Moncton
    Free meeting house, Moncton, NB
  3. Hammond House, SackvilleHammond House Sackville, NB
  4. La Coupe Dry Dock, Aulac, (couldn’t find it.)
  5. Fort Beasejour/Fort Cumberland, Aulac

    Fort Beaujour
    Fort Beausejour, Aulac
  6. Tonge Island, Sackville

    Tonge Island at Fort Beajour
    Tonge Island National Historic Site
  7. Monument Lefebvre, Memramcook

    National Historic site
    Monument Lefebvre

Saint Andrews

  1. Charolotte County Courthouse Saint Andrews

    Charlotte County Court house/ Museum
    Charlotte County Courthouse/ Museum
  2. Greenock Church, Saint Andrews

    Church St Stephen NB
    Greenock Church, St Andrews
  3. Sir William Van Horne Estate, Minister Island
    Van Horne estate home
    Van Horne Estate, home called Covenhaven




  4. Minister Island/ Pre Contact site, St. Andrews

    NHS Indian Point St Andrews NB
    Indian Point, St. Andrews
  5. Saint Andrews Block House




  6. St Georges Post office Post Office St George - Copy

Local Oromocto/Gagetown

  1. Christ Church Anglican, Maugersville
  2. Tilley House, Gagetown

    The Tilley House 1786
    The Tilley House, 1786 A National Historic Site
  3. Fort Jemseg, Jemseg. No plaque in place.
  4. Fort Nerepis Grand Bay WestfieldFort Nerepsis, Hwy 102 NHSM
  5. Trinity Church and Rectory, Kingston


  6. Saint Luke’s Anglican Church, Quispamsis, No picture available.


  1.  Connell House, Woodstock
    The Connell House, a national historic site. Woodstock NB
    The Connell House, a national historic site. Woodstock



  2. Hartland Covered Bridge, Hartland

    Hartland worlds Longestcovered Bridge
    World’s longest covered bridge, Hartland

Acadian Coastal Drive

  1. Denys Fort Habitation, Shippagan

    Nicholas Deny, National Historic Site Monument
    Nicholas Denys, National Historic Site Monument.
  2. Fort Gaspareaux, Port Elgin

    Fort Gaspereux Monument and grave site
    Fort Gaspareaux Monument and grave site
  3. Miscou Island Lighthouse, Miscou IslandMiscou Point Lighthouse Miscou Island'.JPG
  4. Nicole Deny Monument board, Bathurstlabour day wknd_210 camping


  1. McAdam Railway Station, McAdam
    McAdam Railway Station and Plaque
    McAdam Railway Station, McAdam,NB



  2. Meductic Indian Village, Fort Meductic, Meductic

    Fort Meductic National Historic site plaque. Fort Meductic Road Hwy 165, Hay Settlement
    Fort Meductic National Historic site plaque. Fort Meductic Road Hwy 165, Hay Settlement, New Brunswick

Seal Cove Smoked Herring Stands, Grand Manan. Still have this one yet to get.

For more historical people and grave monuments please read In Honour of Canada’s 150th.

Hope you enjoy this Canadian National historic treasure hunt around New Brunswick.

Cheers and Happy Travels from Maritime Mac

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