Caledonia Mountain Road

via Photo Challenge: Out of This World

I was trying to find the Caledonia Gorge lookout.  My GPS was directing me,” Turn right on to Caledonia mountain road”  The drive had became increasingly remote, the snow banks were encroaching on both sides, reducing the road to a single lane.

” Do you know where you are taking me?” I shout at the voice coming from the Garmin device.  She and I often have arguments about her route selections.  Next she says, “in 200 meters turn left”  In two hundred meters there is a snowmobile track through the woods.  I shut the GPS off and decide to abandon my trip before I get stuck on this sketchy and poorly plowed road. I go a little further looking for a spot to turn around when I see this amusing creature out in the middle of no where.  He is Out of this world

Happy travels from Maritime Mac

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  1. I’ve been up that road in the summer time with my grandfather, and even then it is intimidating! Kudos to you for attempting it in the winter. There is a very nice lookout of the Caledonia Gorge and Crooked Creek from the Crooked Creek Rd/Forestdale Rd in Riverside-Albert – just a few roads away from Caledonia Mountain Rd. GPS’s in the Maritimes can be a scary thing with all our back roads that are really ATV/snowmobile trails. Here’s my experience with that when I tried to find the vet via GPS and ended up driving on a creek bed with my car and a howling kitten with no cell phone reception:


    1. Agreed, I did find the way on crocked Creek road, I am going to try get there when the weather improves. My GPS gets me into more bad spots than good. I is great for towns but IN NB you are so right all those named ATV trails and skidoo paths, torture me.


  2. Haha me and Siri are definitely not on speaking terms whenever she’s giving me directions. She always takes me some crazy way that causes so much stress! At least you found a really cool thing out in the woods though!


    1. Glad it gave you a laugh, I remember how annoyed I was until I saw it, now it it makes me chuckle when I look at it. Thanks for commenting. I will be sure to check out your blog too.


  3. GPS is so tricky. I tried it a couple years ago on the new highways they’ve built in Naurobi and we just keot going in circles. But this last time, it was spot on! Perhaps improvements are being made as time goes on


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