Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

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Part 5

My expectations are low after the thrill of Joggins fossil cliffs- UNESCO WHS,  followed up by the Cape d’Or Lighthouse hike, and Partridge Island: Rock-hounding, hiking.  Spencer’s Island, Nova Scotia How could Parrsboro measure up?

I roll into town and stop for gas. The lady behind the counter greets me like I am an old friend. “Hello, is it just the gas for you today?”

“Actually, no,” I reply. “I am just here for a short visit, but if you have any ideas what a visitor might want to see, I would appreciate your advice.”

She rings up the fuel sale and says, “Well the geologic museum is popular, and our beach is famous for dinosaur bones.”

“Really?” I respond. “What else can you tell me?” “I…. I … let me get …Jean,” I think she said.

Another lady comes to the front and says, “What can I help you with?”

“I am a travel blogger, I am just looking around the area, any favourite places you can recommend?”

She rhymes off a list (a kindred spirit in my books).  “Make sure to see the museum, the beach, light house, the Glooscap statue, the painted house and the old armory building.  Go to Gilbert Road past the golf course for a good view of the islands and if you are brave… Economy Falls.” She stops for a moment then says “It is a long way into the falls on a narrow dirt road, I haven’t been there in years.”  She takes a breath and thinks a moment then says. “I love to go for a hike along the shore of Thomas Cove. I hope this is helpful?”

“Oh a fantastic list, thank you,” I say.

We chit chat a bit more about the hiking in the area. She likes to walk her dog on the trails. A person comes into the store and lines up at the cash register. She smiles and I get the point she has to take care of customers. I thank her for her time and head out to find the geological museum.

It is Sunday, the last week of April, and very few tourist locations are open for business. The Fundy Geological Museum, is open, but not on Sunday. I wouldn’t let that little obstacle stop me from going by and walking the grounds.

Fundy Geological Museum ; Canada's oldest Dinosaur
Fundy Geological Museum ; Canada’s oldest dinosaur

The museum is just off Two Piers Road. I love the bike racks and hitching post to tie up horses. A touch of old school charm, mixed with modern green conservation.

hiking post and bike racks, Fundy geological museum
Hiking post and bike racks, Fundy Geological Museum

I walk to the river’s edge. A sign designates it as an environmentally sensitive area, so I don’t intrude.

Fundy Geological Museum, research beach area
Fundy Geological Museum, research beach area

A rock garden is filled with various samples gathered from the area: some are sparkly, some are dull, others shimmer with multiple colours. I look them over but feel I have missed a key piece of the exhibit, a geologist to explain the rock formation would have added value. I am left with a statue of a dinosaur to stand beside for a picture, and he isn’t saying much.

Me and the dinosaur
Me and the dinosaur

I leave the museum and head down Two Piers Road, to the Glooscap campground. It is closed but the beach is still open for public access.  A short hike has me at the seaside path. The tide is out so I can stroll on the sea floor but I have to snug my zipper up tight to my neck to ward off the chill from the onshore winds. A flock of sea gulls congregates on the mud flat, feasting on the exposed smorgasbord. A lone gull sits on a rock and plays king of the hill.

Seagull on a rock at low tide. Parrsborro, Nova Scotia
Seagull on a rock at low tide. Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

I walk for a long time searching the ocean floor. My imagination conjures up dinosaur bones, but nothing I pick up pans out to be more than seaweed fibers and clam shell shards.

I keep going down the road to Gilbert Road look off.   My GPS map displays this point of land as the quintessential spot to view the Fundy Bay Five Islands. It is a private road and I fear it will be a dead end.  A man is out raking his lawn at the end of his property and I stop to ask him,

“Excuse me, I was hoping there was a view out to the Five Islands at the end of this road, am I correct?”

“Yes you can see a view to the islands, keep to the end of this road then turn left onto Gilbert Road, crest the hill, and look backwards.” I thank him and carry on.

A view to Five Islands from Gilbert road, parrsboro, Nova Scotia
A view to Five Islands from Gilbert Road, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

I loiter in some person’s driveway for a few minutes and soak up their view, then follow Two Rivers Road back to Main Street and get a photo of the Glooscap  statue. One more pass back to the corner of Two Rivers and Spring Road to see the historic armoury building.




Then across the street is a colourful mural that is suppose to reveal what each individual person wants to see.  A shoreline with foamy waves is revealed to me.  It is the painted house of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

painted house, parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Painted house, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Please join me on my continued journey around Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia.

Cheers and happy travels from Maritime Mac

If you missed any of my trip here are the links:

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    1. Thanks Stefan. I appreciated the nomination, however, I have to decline. I only publish Monday and Thursday and a photo on Saturday. I really want to just keep my posts on point. But it means a lot to me that you have considered my blog worthy of achievement. I thank you for your consideration.

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    1. Amy I am so glad you enjoyed it. I only had two days to cover this whole area of Nova Scotia, There was so much more to see in Parrsboro, gem museums and shops, more hikes and water falls, Great place

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  1. I am pretty sure that you were holding hands/paws with the dinosaur, Kelly, while it whispered/shouted things in your ear. It would have been an interesting conversation to listen in on. –Curt


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