Five Islands, Economy, Nova Scotia

Map of Cape Chignecto, NS. Points of interest

Part 5

I turn the wheel left then right, following the flow of switchbacks through topography that swings from 200 meters back down to sea level.  Cape Chignecto is left behind, this area is called the Minas Basin.  I cross Herrington River, then whiz by Lynn Road.  Here it is.  I turn down Broderick Lane, and tackle the potholes till I reach the parking lot.

Five Islands lighthouse
Five Islands lighthouse

Battering tides and heaving frost has forced this lighthouse to be moved back from the shoreline three times. It was originally located at Sandy Point where it was operational from 1913 to 1967.  In 2008 Gertrude Jenkins gifted this piece of property to the county and the lighthouse made its final journey to live here.

Panoramic of the five islands from the beach
Panoramic view of the five islands from the beach

I have a look through the tower viewer to get a close up of the islands, then move down to the beach. The sun finally has some strength and warms me.  Cirrus clouds push in, streaking up the blue sky. The low tide makes the islands seen so tantalizingly close, I want to take my shoes off and walk across the sand towards them. This overwhelming urge is probably why there is a sign at the beach entrance warning people not to try to walk to the island: The channels fill first and quickly… it goes on to state you will become trapped and stranded. That thought takes the fun out of my fantasy.

Just a few more minutes of site seeing then I head back to my truck. I may not be able to hike to the island but I can hike to Economy falls, and that is where I am heading next.

Happy travels from Maritime Mac.

Me standing at the end of the lighthouse property, with the five island in the background
Me standing at the end of the lighthouse property, with the five islands in the background

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  1. Don’t know if you know this but I’m from NS so reading your posts bring me home! I’ll be heading down in a couple of weeks and then again in July! Can’t wait to smell the salt air!


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