Kilarney Lake Beach


When I lived on Cape Breton Island, sunny warm days were spent lounging in my beach chair with a beverage reading or socializing with friends and jumping into cool refreshing water of the Bras d’Or Lake.

Skipping forward to my move to New Brunswick, I realize how I took that beach for granted. Even thought I am in a Maritime province famed for the Fundy coastline, finding a decent beach to spend the day at takes planning and usually hours to get to.

Kilarney Lake is my quick go-to. It has a lovely sand beach on a small freshwater lake. You can usually find me under one of the large shady trees in front of the lifeguard house. The beach is life-guard serviced in the summer. Amenities include change rooms and pit toilets and more than 20 kilometres of nature trails. There is plenty of parking.

Address: 1653 St. Mary’s Street

Fredericton, NBE3G 8T6

Cost; Free


Happy Travels from Maritimemac

More beaches to come. Here are a few from the past;

The Cuts Quarry; A Swimming Hole Secret.- Updated, 01.07.2020

New River Beach, New Brunswick,

Summer Of The Beach.


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    1. Just 16 active cases within our 4 provinces, of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and NFLD.
      Only 4 cases in New Brunswick. I just stay away from other people, but there would rarely be more than 100 at this beach on a busy day..and there is lots of space.

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