Bridges To Cross, 2017 New Brunswick

When one tugs at a single things in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world“-John Muir, 

Written on the railing of a foot bridge on a trail, in Fundy National Park. Pictured above.3 min, look and read.

I crossed a lot of bridges this year, physically and metaphorically.  This is a photographic journey of my favourite physical bridges I crossed; one from each month.

.January 2017 

On my way home from Cape Breton after the holidays, I stopped to take a pictures of the Starkey covered bridge constructed in 1912, near Sussex, New Brunswick.  You can read more about the area in Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through

Starkey Bridge 1912
Starkey Bridge 1912. January, 2017


I was going shack wacky from too much indoors. I needed an outing.  A weekend in Saint John, was just what the doctor ordered. Some sightseeing around the old port city gave me this fabulous photo of the bridge over the reversing falls.

Bridge over Reversing Falls Saint John NB
Reversing Falls Railway Bridge, Saint John NB February 25th, 2017


A little tramping through the snow.  This bridge is featured in the story, Murder, A Moai, and A Hobo, Fredericton Junction

March 26th
Robert Twick Bridge, Fredericton Junctions- Art in the Park, March 26th, 2017


Our first taste of spring weather got me fired up to see some new scenery.  I took a trip to Hartland, to the worlds longest covered bridge, with a side trip to a few roadside attractions, and I stopped to eat pancakes, smeared with the seasons fresh maple syrup. It is featured in You Traveled Alone?

Heart Land Covered Bridge
Heart Land Covered Bridge March 26th, 2017

join me for a drive through the world’s Longest Covered Bridge clink below


I had shoulder surgery and I didn’t move far from the house. I took one of my best shots the day before surgery;  RIVER INVADING. The Saint John River crested its banks at Hazen Park, in Oromocto. You can see more about the flooding in my story: 10 Things You Didn’t Know; Oromocto, NB The Burton Bridge is down around the corner out of sight. I’ll show it to you later.

River Invading
River Invading Black and White Saint John River at Hazen Park Oromocto


I was laid up for most the month in a sling, but my niece was coming home to visit the family from Fort McMurray, Alberta and I wanted to see her.  It was closer to go to PEI than to Cape Breton, so the last weekend in June, I crossed the Confederation Bridge and I meet up with my sister and niece in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, for the music festival. The bridge is a distance of 12.9 kilometers (8 miles ) It is the longest bridge crossing ice-covered water, in the world. This picture was taken from Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick.

Confederation Bridge from Cape Tormentine
Confederation Bridge from Cape Jourimain National wildlife Area June 30th, 2017


On the return home from PEI, I stopped in Port Elgin to walk across one of the six footbridges listed on the Department of Transportation website. This foot bridge is part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Port Elgin
Port Elgin footbridge over the Gaspereau River July 5th, 2017


After discovering there where five other foot bridges in New Brunswick, I went in search of another down by St Martins. Little did I know, I would discover that the The Fundy Trail Parkway, Is Not The Fundy National Park. This bridge is featured in the story.

Suspension bridge over big salmon river'
Suspension bridge over big salmon river’. On the Fundy Trail Parkway


 I had a few more places to see to finish up my piece on; The Miramichi River Route, as I would do it.   The Priceville suspension bridge, is my favourite of the foot bridges. It has a great story behind it and it is super bouncy and long, with two spans.

Priceville Suspension Bridge
Priceville suspension bridge #1


Hampton’s Green bridge was a hands down winner for October, it was brilliant. However, earlier in the month, I walked under a bridge in Welsford, and it was pretty special too. You can see the story behind them both in Hampton, New Brunswick Part 2 and Welsford, New Brunswick. The Best of

Under Bridge in Wirral, at Clarendon Falls
Under the bridge in Wirral, at Clarendon Falls, October. 2017
Light House Park Hampton NB
Green bridge from Light House Park Hampton NB October 20th, 2017


I stayed a little closer to home, and took advantage of the lovely late fall weather to enjoy a walk along the Salamanca trail in Fredericton. This is a view to the Prince Margaret Bridge over the Saint John river.

Looking towards Highway 8 Over the Saint John River
Looking towards Princes Margaret Bridge over the Saint John River, which connects North Fredericton and south Fredericton via highway 8 November 24th, 2017


The month started with another comfortable late fall day to enjoy the outdoors, and it allowed me to gathering material for a story about Fredericton, more to follow on that.

Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge from below on the North side
Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge from below on the north side Dec 4th, 2017

Who knows what the new year will bring?  Without a doubt, they’ll be bridges to cross.  Please join me as I discover fascinating places around the Maritimes.  Happy travels and Happy Holidays from Maritime Mac.

Burton Bridge over the Saint John River
Burton Bridge over the Saint John River, from the Maugerville side. Dec 4th, 2017

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Map of all photo locations



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  1. Great post, Kelly. Wonderful idea to feature a new bridge every month, and these are some beauties. The drive through the world’s longest covered bridge was really fun.


  2. Very cool. I love old bridges. And for some reason, I have reoccurring dreams about bridges. Some are nightmares because the water rises while I’m driving across them. Others are just symbolic.

    Beautiful photographs.

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  3. So many lovely bridges! Down here in Texas, our bridges are not so cute, probably because the river beds are really big and broad. See, everything really is bigger in Texas (including the hurricanes)!


  4. Woow! Loved the concept of the post ‘One Bridge a Month’ and the larger meaning behind it! Thanks for sharing it!


  5. This blog is one of the beauties in the blogging world, where I could honestly say: It is love on first sight. I was nearly blown away by your creative review of 2017. All the best to you from your new blogging friend at the end of Canada!


    1. Wow, Those words are pretty nice. I am humbled. Thank you so much. I still have lots to learn but I am working hard to bring good quality to my blog readers. Glad you approved friend.

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  6. Hi there, just was aware of your blog through Google, and located that it’s truly informative. I gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!


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