One Chocolate Drive – Part three

If ever there was something in a name, this is it. I hadn’t planned a foodie outing, I was just looking around St Stephen, New Brunswick. I had driven here to see a sculpture for my post, It All Started With Love.

There was a lighthouse, several covered bridges, a couple of points of interest for my post on National Historic Sites and Monuments, NB. I was On The Trail of Loyalists and there was a graveyard just up the street. However, the Ganong Chocolate museum was a standalone attraction. I had to go in, wouldn’t you?

Two very happy people greeted me.  How could you not be happy working at the front desk of a chocolate museum?

Entrance to the Chocolate museum
Welcome to The Chocolate Museum, St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Canada’s Chocolate Town.

The lady on the right told me I could have as many chocolates as I wanted on the museum tour.  I never made it past the dish of them on the front counter.  After having five … or six … or 10 … of the delicious morsels, I knew I would eat my entrance fee’s worth.  I thanked them and headed to the chocolate shop next door. I bought a box of Fruitfull Jellies, a couple of Pal-O-Mine bars, (one of the oldest continuously produced candy bars in North America) for my sister and brother in law, and some Delecto creams.

The Ganong family has been producing chocolates and confections from St. Stephen, New Brunswick, since 1873.

The museum and store are located at:

Ganong Chocolatier                                 The Head office                                            
Ganong Place                                            Ganong Bros., Limited         

73 Milltown Blvd.                                     One Chocolate Drive
St. Stephen, New Brunswick                  St Stephen, NB
E3L 2H1                                                      Canada, E3L 2X5

Please join me for my next installment of this series, as I source out food products made right here in New Brunswick

Cheers from Maritimemac

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