Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Map of Points of Interest Fredericton

St Anne’s Point Heritage preserve area

I have become an avid fan of Fredericton. I twitter and Instagram photos of new places I have found.  Promoting my adopted city to anyone within earshot. It was number 19 in my Top 20 Maritime Outdoor Escapes for 2016, but I haven’t written a story on it yet…..why?  Because every time I go into the city, I discover a new layer of brilliance. The depth is so immense. I believed I would do it an injustice, unless I searched every nook and cranny.

Where should I start?

Perhaps with the first nations that lived in the area of Wolstoq and greet Samuel Du Champlain?

Saint John's Canadian Heritage River Plaque
Saint John’s Canadian Heritage River plaque in the garden behind Government House. 51 Woodstock Road

Or with Fort Nashwaak and the Acadian history?

Fort Nashwaak 1692 Naitonal HIstoric Monument
Fort Nashwaak built 1692 by The French Governor, Villebon it is a National Historic landmark located in Carleton Park, Fredericton North

It literally wouldn’t be Fredericton, without the Loyalist.

Monument to the United Empire Loyalist at the gate of the Old Burial Ground,  496 George Street Fredericton.

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Seven Loyalists petitioned the Lieutenant-Governor; Sir Thomas Carleton, 232 years ago on Dec 13th, 1785, to build a place of higher learning for the arts and sciences.  Without them, Fredericton wouldn’t have the oldest English language university in Canada. The University of New Brunswick, also shares the distinction of the being the oldest university in North America, with the University of Georgia.

  • Top : Sir Howard Douglas Hall and the historic plaque on right
  • Middle: William Brydon Jack Observatory and National Historic Site plaque
  • Bottom left: David McCord Hall
  • Bottom right: the Neville House ( middle) and Lady Beaverbrook residence.

All that military culture and history; one of three Historic Districts in New Brunswick Should I start there? Please see The Miramichi River Route, as I would do learn about Marysville, Historic District.

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There are three National Historic Site churches and cathedrals to cover. St Ann Chapel of Ease, Christ Church cathedral, United Church,  Local historic Wilmot Church.

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It wouldn’t be proper to exclude the National Historic buildings and Provincial Historic building: The Legislative Assembly, Old Government House, City Hall, Belmont House. (picture not available) 

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What about the Fredericton Heritage Trust homes ?

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Should I include all the plaques and monuments for people of honour and enterprise: Lord Beaverbrook, Sir Douglas Howe, Charles Fisher,  Boss Gibson, Lemur Wilmot, Author-Mary Evelyn Granan, Poet-Carmen Bliss.

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So many wonderful parks, and trails for walking, running, and cycling; they are all must see places. Odell, Wilmot, Queen Square, Angle view, Morell, Rabbit Town, Corbett Brook, and of course the Saint John River Green. Kilarney Lake- which I featured in Summer Of The Beach

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Plus recreation on the Saint John River from small Crafts Aquatic center.

What if you like art, sculptures and murals? I have to include them in a story. If you do like them, please read my blog posts It All Started With Love, and Beaverbrook Bigger Better. and Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through


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What about those road-side attractions and quirky stuff we all love?

  • top left:  The cook outs Isaac;s way restaurant, former York County Court House
  • Top Right: Anchor on the green walking trail
  • Middle right: High water markers for past river floods
  • Middle right below: Fredericton’s time capsule
  • Bottom Left: In-land lighthouse.
  • bottom right: Originally Fredericton city well #1 Wilmot park
  • Bottom right Antique water pump carriage 520 York Street fire station #1
  • Stand alone picture of 736 Queen Street.  There is a grave buried under the street in front of this house.It has been uncovered and re-interned in the same place during road repair several time


736 King streetEdgecombe house, Lt Gover H Douglas house, grave buried under street by mancover in front 02
736 King street Edgecombe house, Lt Governor Howard Douglas house,  There is a grave of  a 18th century Acadian women buried under the street by the man-hole cover, in front of this house. It has been uncovered several times during road construction

What about if you love architectural features, should I find some of those for my story?

  • Left Lynch Gate’s were built to place coffins under in bad weather (Rare) St Anne’s Chapel of Ease
  • Right top: Remnant of the old tannery industrial gate
  • Left bottom: The old tannery industrial arches and gate.

What if you like architectural styles?

92 Waterloo Row
92 Waterloo Row the Gothic Revival, historic Property
146 waterloo row Queen Anne Style
146 Waterloo Row. Queen Ann architecture 1895 original Home of Henry and Helen Chestnut
Johnathan Odell Home.808 Brunswick
Johnathan Odell Home. 808 Brunswick Street. New England Style shingle-clad wood framing.
The Rectory George Street
The Rectory 736 George Street, Georgian style building

Perhaps you just want a beer. Fredericton has a vibrant micro breweries culture. I have  pictures of two: Picaroons on Union Street, and Red Rovers Cider House on Queen street.  I loved the design choices in both. Country shek verses industrial.

Red Rover Cider house.
Red Rover Cider house. 546 Queen St, Fredericton,
Picaroons Tap room and foods cafe.
Picaroon-brewery tap room and foods cafe. Historic industrial building converted to a brewery and tap house.

Fredericton Microbreweries

Now you see why I haven’t written about Fredericton till now. Each topic could fill a book not a blog.  But the map should help. Fredericton is fun with lots to see and do, but you can also relax and say you saw it all from your seat in a pub.

Cheers. Safe travels and Happy Holidays from Maritime MacDSCN8706Freddy UNB Dec 2_0091DSCN8706

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